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With spring now in full swing it won’t be long before you will be taking scenic walks along the river, playing footy and cricket in the park or maybe even on your own lawn at home. But there is one dreaded problem that can stop Aussies from enjoying these healthy pastimes. Bindii… the terror of the early summer lawn!

It strikes fear into home and pet owners and makes badly infested lawns almost impossible to walk on with bare feet. The tiny but painful prickles seem to appear from nowhere but somehow tend to find their way onto socks, shoes and fur.

Bindii is also known as jo-jo and onehunga. It is a low growing annual weed forming a rosette of foliage with carrot top like leaves from autumn onwards. From spring until early summer it produces a single flower that matures into a mass of small sheet like seeds tapering to a sharp spike. These seeds harden throughout spring and that’s when they become a real nuisance or problem and you start to notice and feel them.

Bindii easily adapts by growing in lawns below the height of the blades on lawnmowers, so you cant just mow them off. But there are some means to control Bindii if you start now in spring before it’s too late. Hand weeding can be used, but you need to remove all of the roots to stop any regrowth. This becomes tedious on larger areas and it’s almost impossible to see all of the small developing weeds in the lawn.

There is an easier way to control those nasty Bindii prickles without all that time and effort, and its certain to work wonders on your lawn. Scotts Lawn Builder Bindii.

It contains the selective herbicides Bromoxynil and MCPA so it can be safely used on all types of lawns including Buffalo, couch, bent, fescue, kikuyu, paspalum and ryegrass. This new superior formulation from Scotts kills and prevents Bindii. Plus it will also control 12 other types of troublesome broadleaf weeds, including clover and its safe to walk on once it is dry.

Remember to always avoid spraying on windy days, if rain is expected within four hours of application or if your lawn is stressed due to heatwaves or dry and cold weather.

The 2.8 litre Easy Sprayer bottle will cover up to 180 square metres so it’s ideal for most averaged sized lawns. The lightweight bottle, with the patented easy grip handle and nozzle puts you in complete control. The on-off controls ensure that there are no drips or mess and you don’t need to kink the hose or turn the sprayer off at the tap to stop spraying.

Always wait at least 2 days before mowing your grass after application to allow the weedkiller to be effectively absorbed. Most weeds will slowly die over 2 to 3 weeks. Although some troublesome weeds like clover may require a repeat application in 3 to 4 weeks time.

Remember if you want your family and pets to enjoy your summer lawn without all the prickles and pain, apply Scotts Lawn Builder Bindii right now this Spring.

They’ll love you for it. Scotts Lawn Builder Bindii is available at Bunnings stores around Australia and you can find out more at

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