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Saturday, 14 December, 2013 @ 4:30 PM

Welcome to the Home in WA website

Welcome to the HOME in WA website for WA's premium, longest running 'television home show' dedicated to your home. Telecast Saturday afternoons on Channel 7 and GWN7, you can SEARCH for information about builders, products, services, real estate and more. Plus find information and see individual stories and videos on-line. Produced by Ron (DINGO) Reddingius, Perth’s most experienced ‘home information programme’ Executive Producer and his production team; this success story boasts 14 years on-air, with over 450 episodes produced since inception since 2000. Proudly supported by WA's Master Builders, the show is created to entertain, inform, empower and educate you, our viewers, on a host of topics. Buying land, building a home, finding ‘home’ products and services, investing in real estate or how to renovate a property. Type a key word into our 'PRODUCT SEARCH' portal and read stories as far back as 2001. The LINKS menu is also handy with direct website links to hundreds of businesses previously seen. When you choose us, you choose Perth’s most professional and experienced production team – Meet them in ABOUT THE TEAM. Click on 'This Weeks Stories' and find the participants in that particular episode plus see their story again via YouTube. HOME in WA, the Quality, Experience and Results that only Channel 7’s longest running 'local' home building, services and products' television series can deliver.

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