About Home in WA

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This website contains 23 years of information, videos and more of the local Western Australian television series, HOME in WA.

Hello, I'm Ron (DINGO) Reddingius, Executive Producer of what was Perth's longest running local premier ‘home ideas program’.

After producing 700 episodes of HOME in WA over 23 years this website is a treasure trove of information so we have decided to keep it up on-line for a while.

It was designed to inform and entertain our viewers by featuring what is relevant to living, owning or buying a home in WA. A television program that would showcase products, builders, services, property developments and so much more. Like the buying of land, choosing a builder or renovator and how to furnish and upgrade our homes. The list goes on.

HOME in WA is about buying homes, living, lifestyle, furnishings, fittings, and the finishing touches we make to our homes here in WA. Now that the program is no longer screening on television, we have decided to leave this website up so people can look back at stories, research and find businesses, information they may like to use and more. Please note that some clients / businesses on this website may have changed names, closed down during the last 23 years so the information, stories and participant information herein may be out of date or not relevant at this point. NOTE; it is important that you, the website user/browser/reader do your own research and due diligence to find up to date accurate, facts and information from businesses and clients shown herein or elsewhere. We take no responsibility for any ‘showcased clients’ or the information within this Website.