About Home in WA

Thanks for taking the time to log on. In 2021 we were thrilled to welcome our new Major Partner; UDIA WA - The Urban Development Institute of Australia - Western Australia branch to HOME in WA. A very pro-active industry group they’ll again join us this year bringing us lots of information in regards to property development in WA, state of the market, best practices, excellence, and innovation in the creation of sustainable communities.

Hello, I'm Ron (DINGO) Reddingius, Executive Producer of Perth's premier ‘home ideas program’ and as we hit 23 years of bringing you HOME in WA, I invite you to consider showcasing your business on the program. We boast high production standards and believe we deliver a solid enjoyable television experience of unquestioned quality. Our goal is to inform and entertain our viewers, your customers about you, while producing a professional, good value, and well-rounded program. With 53 years’ experience in television under our belts our first-class production team guarantees, you'll get the best.

It was way back in 1999, when I saw a need for a dedicated, but 'local', TV program featuring what is relevant to living, owning, or buying a home in WA. A show that would showcase products, builders, services, property developments and so much more. Like buying the land, choosing a builder or renovator and how to furnish and upgrade our homes. The list goes on. HOME in WA is about living, lifestyle, furnishings, fittings, and the finishing touches we make to our homes here in WA.

We Want You! Why not book a story and join us? We strive to showcase local suppliers, manufacturers, builders, estate agents, the whole box and dice - to show our audience what's out there in WA.

Produced, written and filmed over about 25 weeks each year HOME in WA is telecast state-wide so please check TV guides for telecast times. Want to watch it again, it is also posted on 7+. We hope you enjoy our series in 2022 and may I again thank our professional production team, Seven West Media - Ch7 and GWN7 and all our partners for their ongoing trust and support.