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Perth is currently facing a housing crisis and it’s only set to get worse with more skilled workers arriving from overseas. There is however a solution, that’s not only easy, but highly sustainable too. This segment introduces you to the concept of co-living by The HMO Property Co. HMO stands for House of Multiple Occupants and has been trending globally for the past decade as more and more people subscribe to a more intentional way of living.

Currently, there are so many singles or couples living in houses with three or more bedrooms which reduces the amount of stock for larger families. The savvy ones are looking at the ease of renting in a co-living arrangement. Most houses offer either ensuite rooms or shared bathrooms catering to both personal preference and budget.

We asked Neil Gibb, from The HMO Property Co to talk about, how affordable co-living is compared to renting. Neil told us, in co-living houses the entry fees are far less than a traditional rental home. Once in the property, all expenses are taken care of in one weekly payment which makes budgeting easy.

Neil advised there were no hidden catches as co-living is all about freedom and flexibility, with a minimum six-month stay ideal for people who don’t want to be tied to long-term leases.

As all homes are fully furnished, there’s nothing left to do other than move in.

The HMO Property Co has over 90 homes like the one shown in Victoria Park, providing almost 500 rooms throughout the Perth metropolitan area. The youngest housemates are 18 and the eldest are 74 with this model of living appealing to every stage of life.

If you’re ready to find out more about this global revolution visit the website of Perth’s specialists in co-living:

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