RICHGRO – Black Marvel Compost, Blood and Bone Based Fertilizer and Manures

With high fruit and vegetable prices set to stay for a while to come, Colin is going to provide you with some tips to get the most out of your garden so that you can reap the benefits and save some money. Key considerations for growing vegetables in the garden are to always pick a spot in the garden in either full sun or partial shade during the winter months. In summer and the warmer months, a partially shaded spot is best.

Always add a good layer of compost, soil improvers, conditioners and manures to the existing soil, and then dig them in to the top 20-30cms of the soil profile. Next incorporate 2-3 handfuls of organic fertiliser per square metre and lightly mix it in, then rake the soil level and walk over the soil to gently firm it down.

A good way to start off your vegetable patch is to use seedlings, as in most cases you tend get a quicker crop. To avoid a glut of produce all at once it is best to stagger your planting and sow every 2-4 weeks so that you will get a regular supply of food.

Most vegetables and herbs grown from seed will take between 7-21 days to germinate, so they will take longer to get going without supplying any produce or food. Consequently, it is worth planting quick maturing lettuce, rocket or Asian greens in between the rows to provide a crop until the seedlings come to harvest.

This method can also be used for slower growing carrots, parsnips, parsley, onions, garlic, shallots or some widely spaced Brassicas, capsicum, tomatoes and sweet corn before they mature. Remember if you want to save money at the supermarket, try growing your own vegies using seasonal planting to maximize your production and to make the best use of all the space that you have.

Richgro Black Marvel Compost, Blood and Bone Based Fertilizer and manures are available at Bunnings stores throughout Australia and if you want to find out more go to

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