Waste Authority

In recent years, Perth has experienced massive growth, with over 2 million people now calling Perth home.  And this figure is set to almost double by 2050.

Wherever there’s people, there’s impact on our environment. To keep Perth’s pristine waters, parks and public spaces, clean and pollution free – we need to be even more aware of how we manage our waste.

To cope with housing demand, there are plans to add more inner city living, and to limit our urban sprawl. More building can lead to more waste, in particular sediment, which can enter our waterways and cause big problems.

So why is building waste sediment a problem and how can we sort it out? Phil Kemp from Alliance Builders says building sites have left over sand, cement, paints and other small items that can become litter.

“All these chemicals and particulates are at risk of being washed off sites or seeping through our sandy soils. This can cause pollution in nearby waterways.”

“Water that flows from building sites and into storm water systems will eventually find its way into our creeks, rivers and the ocean.”

“Storm water is not usually treated, and if care is not taken, these pollutants can kill the plants and animals in the waterways.”

Everyone wants to keep our rivers and ocean beautiful and in good health. Whether you’re doing a reno, building your own home, or DIY’ing…it’s important not to let sand, cement and chemicals including paints go down the drain, because everything that goes down there, will eventually end up in our waters!

The Master Builders have created some helpful sediment control tips in their Smart Waste Guide.

Some of the ways to reduce sediment pollution are:

  • Contain sand, soil and litter on site
  • Set aside an area, that safe for cleaning and wash downs
  • Protect storm water drains from liquid wastes
  • Set up site access well clear of drainage systems,to help reduce soil disturbance and sediment runoff.
  • Take left over paints and solvents to a Council waste depot (never wash them into the soil or drains).

Ask your builder if they have Smart Waste management and sediment control practices in place and see if they care as much about Perth’s future as you do.

For more information on sediment control, and how you can help to protect our lovely beaches and waterways, visit the Smart Waste website at www.mbawa.com/smartwaste.

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