Waste Authority

So much more waste is now recycled on building sites, especially by using skip bins, where the different materials can be separated and sent to a recovery facility. It’s now up to us……. The community at large, to step up and do our bit.

It’s great to see Smart builders are doing the right thing and implementing smart waste practices on construction sites. By using specialist resource recovery services they will minimize waste going to landfill and avoid the landfill levy. Many people think it’s ok to tip their rubbish into construction site skip bins, but it’s actually illegal, and you can even be fined.
If you see a skip bin or waste pile on a building site and decide to tip your household rubbish, unused or broken furniture, you’re actually illegally dumping.Fines varying from $500 to $125,000, so it can be  a very expensive act. Your rubbish contaminates the construction and demolition waste loads and ultimately affects what waste can be recycled. All of the items that are contaminated will then end up in landfill.

To deter people from dumping their rubbish, builders have now taken steps to protect and monitor their building sites, and with the help of companies such as Meridian Services, sites now have signage, security patrols and motion sensor cameras.

To dispose of your rubbish responsibly, call your local council, as they provide verge collections and tip passes, as well as a number of charities, so you can give your old clothes or furniture to a new home.

That careful planning done by builders at building sites to recycle, can all be completely undone, just by us not understanding how this process works.

By using council rubbish and recycling facilities we can all …. help the builders, to help our environment!

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