When you do your food shopping it is highly likely that you check out the salt, sugar and fat content of the items that you buy.  But what do you look for when buying fertilisers?  It can be quite confusing. Well the information is on the bag or container you just need to know what you are looking for.

The important information to look for in the analysis is the NPK and S.  These stand for the major elements of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and Sulphur.  The other major elements of Calcium and Magnesium along with the trace elements are needed in much smaller amounts

Nitrogen is needed in all the plant parts that are actively growing such as the young leaves, and flowers, fruits and root tips.  Lawns, citrus and leafy vegies need a fertiliser high in Nitrogen.  Phosphorous is essential for photosynthesis and cell division so that the plants stems and roots can grow and is usually deficient in WA soils.

Potassium or K aids water movement within cells and thickens the cell walls to help protect plants from disease.  It also aids in lengthening of the stems and improves flowering and fruiting.  Use Potassium fertilisers to improve disease resistance and for all flowering and fruiting plants. Sulphur is required for all proteins within plants and can also be used to increase the acidity of WA’s alkaline soils.

Fertilisers come in many types of formulations that can confuse gardeners.  The trick is always to read the information and directions on the bag or container.  Formulations like this controlled release fertiliser take the guesswork out of applying fertilisers.  The outer biodegradable coating slowly breaks down feeding your plants for up to three months exactly when they need it without harming the environment by reducing the risk of leaching into our precious waterways.

If you want a quick boost for fast growing plants then you can’t go past liquid fertilisers. These are formulated to be available to your plants immediately so they stimulate growth and boost the plants immune system.  Charlie Carp is made from European Carp; fish that are devastating our rivers and water systems, so this liquid fish based food will also improve the soil and help our environment at the same time.

Many consumers are now looking for certified organic choices when fertilising their plants.  Organic fertilisers will not give you the huge rush of growth like inorganic fertilisers but regular steady growth that will also improve the overall health of your soil, by increasing the microorganisms and beneficial bacteria in your soil.

Richgro Complete Organic Fertiliser contains natural potash, Blood and Bone, Blood meal and composted chicken manure to provide Nitrogen and phosphorous in quick and medium release forms.

Specialist fertilisers are a terrific way of boosting your plants exactly when they need it. An application of Sulphate of Potash in spring and autumn will stimulate increasing flowering, fruiting and disease resistance in your fruit trees and roses.

Commercial strawberry growers apply Sulphate of potash fortnightly as a liquid feed at the fruiting stage of growth to improve the flavour and sweetness, try it for yourself and taste the difference.

The Richgro range of fertilisers including controlled release, organic. liquid and specialist fertilisers are available at all leading garden centres, hardware stores and retailers. For more information go to

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