UDIA WA – In Focus No5

You may not know this but here in WA there has been one method of home-building that has traditionally dominated all others.

For years the most popular way to build your home was with double brick – but things are starting to change, and that change is being supported by the UDIA of WA.

While traditional brick homes are still a popular choice, there are new methods of construction for new home builds becoming more available.

That means we’re seeing more of things like lightweight materials, more efficient build processes, and even off-site prefabrication.

The UDIA is very supportive of new building methods and alternative products used in building new homes. This can lead to greater efficiency in the build process, better sustainability, affordability, and that leads to more availability of quality homes for new home buyers.

WA also has a brickie shortage right now and having more building options will improve availability and affordability in the WA market.

This shortage can also push up prices for new home builders and it makes it harder to get anything done quickly. That means potentially having to rent for longer, and that just means more cost. But there is one builder that is aiming to help fix that.

Offsite Construction is a company that is changing the game in home building by fabricating homes off-site (as their name suggests) and then assembling them on the slab. They create homes, apartments, town houses, and even commercial buildings and their automated processes save heaps of time.

Offsite Construction uses timber frames for greater sustainability and more flexibility in the design phase but regardless of what materials you use, prefabricating off-site and assembling your home on-site can save you heaps of time in the construction process.

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