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Well spring is in the air, and it is the ideal season to get back out and about in the garden. With the warmer weather encouraging lots of lush new growth and delightful spring flowers it’s the perfect time for potting up some fruit and vegies for a tasty treat or some colourful flowers to brighten up your day.

At your home you may have a large garden or a tiny courtyard and think that you don’t have room for fruit and flowers? Well, think again as Colin is going to show you some dwarf fruit trees and flowers suitable for any size garden.

Ideally it is best to choose a lightweight pot that you can easily move around to a sunny or partially shaded spot in the garden depending on the season or climate.

Colin is planting some gorgeous, grafted dwarf fruit trees including apples and Nectarines to provide some delightful flowers followed by bountiful fruit through the coming season. The dwarfing rootstock keeps them to a maximum height of between 2-3 metres high, so you can find a space for them in almost any garden.

The simple difference between planting success and failure is in the mix. Cheap mixes often result in poor growth from compaction, drainage and water retention issues. The best way to protect your precious plants is to use an Australian Standard premium potting mix every time. This is your guarantee of success and a top-quality mix, just like the top growers use.

First place some potting mix in the bottom of the pot and check the level. The top of the trees rootball should be around 2-5cm below the rim at the top of the new pot.
Gently tease out some of the roots of the tree to aid establishment and then place it in the centre of the pot. Then start to back fill around the plant.

This top quality Richgro Black Marvel premium potting mix is designed to make it easier for anyone who wants to grow edible and flowering plants in pots and containers. It contains controlled release fertiliser and feeds your plants for up to 6 months. The unique formulation including a wetting agent contains boosted Potash for larger and more colourful flowers and tastier fruit. Plus, the added iron promotes deep green leaves, stronger roots and healthier growth.

Colin is adding a few extra flowering plants, veggies and herbs to the pot to encourage pollinators and to add to the future feast. To give your potted plants an extra boost after a couple of months apply one of the Richgro Black Marvel liquid fertilisers every 1-2 weeks to throughout the growing season to help produce bigger, tastier fruit, and healthier plants.

So, if you want to create your own mini potted paradise at home let the experts at Richgro take care of it for you. Richgro Black Marvel potting mix is available at Bunnings stores throughout Australia and if you want to find out more go to

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