Therm-Oz Showers

How many times have you been in a nice hot shower only to have it turn cold because someone put the washing machine on? Or turn too hot because someone in the house flushed a toilet? It can be both uncomfortable and dangerous.

If you love your showers there’s nothing worse, but the good news is there’s finally a company here in Perth that’s fixed all that…and can make your shower much safer for the whole family.

Introducing Therm-Oz Showers – based right here in WA, with their brilliant range of thermostatic showers that keep the water temperature constant. Sounds technical but they’ve been using systems like this in Europe for years and we’ve finally caught up.

One side of the thermostatic shower valve operates the water flow with a simple On-Off. The other side is the important bit though and has the temperature set at a perfect 38 degrees as a safety feature. If you want a hotter shower just press the safety button and rotate the handle.

The temperature is actually controlled just before the water comes out of your showerhead, not preset all the way outside near your water heater. This Therm-Oz “Point of Use” tempering, is what is so new to Australia!

We’ve all seen the results of hot water burns but with this you have much more control which makes it that much safer.

Now if you’re thinking that it sounds difficult to update your existing shower then prepare to be surprised. Your plumber can easily replace your existing two-tap setup with a Therm-Oz without removing your current pipe work or tiling, and if you’re building from scratch can install new builds right away.

With the Old-fashioned two tap setups we all know it is tough to find the right temperature, even flick mixers are easy to bump which can cause burns.

If you have children, elderly relatives, or those in need of assistive care you can relax knowing that the water coming out of the showerhead is at a constant temperature with no hot flares. It’s so easy to use, and promotes independence!

If you’re building…then now is the time to ask your builder to install a safe fully approved Therm Oz thermostatic shower in your bathrooms.
Or if you want a hassle free upgrade of your existing setup that can be done in just a few hours, get onto

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