There is nothing more rewarding for gardeners than creating a beautiful, vibrant garden just like the one Colin is visiting today.  But to get a garden looking as good as this takes a little time and a bit of effort.  So today, Colin is going show you the secrets to the success of this charming garden.

To grow healthy plants, you need to start with healthy soil.  So, if your plants are struggling it may be because of the poor condition of the soil. This can cause waterlogging, drainage, compaction and water retention issues and you need to do something about it.  The best way to do this is by adding the new Seasol Garden Mix to your existing soil to help create a new improved one!

It’s an all-in-one product that’s ready to use and has everything in you need to create a new healthy garden bed just perfect for planting by improving the overall fertility, drainage and water holding capacity of the existing soil.

This premium garden soil mix is based on the highest quality composts and organic matter and contains Seasol GOLD, which reduces transplant shock and aids root and plant establishment.  It is boosted with calcium to help thicken the cell walls of the plants, helping to reduce stress from heat, frost, pests, and diseases.

The specially formulated nutrient and trace elements included in the mix will feed your plants for up to 4 months, and it also contains a wetting agent to avoid water run-off, improving the water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil.

If your home lawn is a little patchy, bare or worn, Seasol also have a new Lawn Top Dress Mix to solve those troublesome lawn areas.  The mix contains everything you need to help take the guesswork out of helping your stressed lawn to recover, revitalising dead patches, plus saving water.

First spread the Lawn Top Dress Mix over your lawn and then level the area with a large rake, broom or lawn screed, carefully working the mix down into the lower stems of the grass to level out any minor depression or hollows.

The lawn mix is treated with Seasol GOLD to boost overall lawn health, helping to stimulate rapid root development, healthy robust growth and to reduces stress from heat, drought, pests, diseases, and foot traffic.  This specialist mix also contains balanced slow-release fertilisers to feed your lawn for up to three months, promoting strong lush green growth.  Plus, the boosted iron strengthens the lawn to promote deep greening.

Seasol Lawn Top Dress Mix contains rich organic matter to improve overall soil health, fertility and drainage, providing the ideal conditions to grow greener and healthier grass including buffalo.

Remember to take good care of your precious plants, plus revitalize your lawn and soil, spoil them with the new range of premium soil improvers and potting mixes from Seasol.  Seasol Garden Soil Mix and Lawn Top Dress Mix are available at Bunnings stores throughout Australia and to find out more go to

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