Slab & Garden City – Garden Kerbing

Sometimes the difference between a job done, and a job done right, is the little differences you add at the end. Take your garden beds for example. You could leave them as they are…or you could properly finish the look of your garden with some kerbing. It’s exactly what it sounds like and Slab and Garden City have a bunch of different options for you to try out.

We deal with kerbs on the street every day but garden kerbs look a whole lot better and can be the perfect thing to complete the look of your outdoor areas.

A kerbed garden looks a lot better than one that’s just kind of left alone and Slab and Garden City have a whole range of styles and materials to choose from depending on the look of your place. There’s the traditional limestone blocks and timber kerbing but they also do this great new product called Hard As kerbing.

Finally you can finish off the look of your home and put your garden finally to bed. With a kerb. Cos it’s a garden bed. If this is what you’ve been looking for then get onto or go in and talk to the guys in either Bayswater or Osborne Park.

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