Seasol Number 2

Last month Colin planted up this ornamental vegetable garden with spring and summer vegies. When the garden was planted, it was watered in with Seasol to get the vegies off to a great start and to reduce transplant shock. But how do you keep them healthy and growing quickly to supply a bountiful and tasty feast. Well the makers of Seasol have the answer!

Seasol have developed an organically based liquid fertilizer and soil conditioner range that provides the ideal combination for the improved growth and health of your plants including vegies, fruits and flowers.

In this small Potager garden, Colin is growing a range of fruit and vegies in a four-bed crop rotation system, mixed with herbs, shrubs and flowers. The Powerfeed range of liquid fertilisers makes it so easy to take care of all of their individual needs.

In this bed where there are Tomatoes, Capsicum and chillies under planted with basil, Colin is using Powerfeed for Tomatoes and Vegetables, which can be applied directly to the soil or to the foliage as a foliar feed every two weeks. Tomatoes and vegetables like a nutrient rich environment and regular liquid fertilizing will ensure that they grow quickly, locking in flavour and avoiding bitterness.

PowerFeed for Tomatoes and Vegetables is specifically designed for vegetables, taking the proven PowerFeed formula of fish; highly soluble nutrients and liquid composts and adding more of everything that they need to thrive. Powerfeed combines the benefits of macro – nutrients and trace elements, proteins, amino acids, fish and natural soil conditioners, to boost overall plant growth and vigour. Just five capfuls in a watering can are all that is required every two weeks.

Powerfeed also contains liquid composts, which stimulate beneficial soil microbes, promoting good soil structure and increasing nutrient availability, so it looks after plants above and below the ground.

For gorgeous flowers like these roses, use the specially formulated Powerfeed for Flowers, Fruit and Citrus. It contains the perfect balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to enhance flowering and fruit growth, without producing excessive foliage. It also contains 30% more fish emulsion and liquid compost than standard PowerFeed to promote vigorous flowering and longer lasting blooms. These help to further condition the soil by reducing nutrient leaching on sandy soils and acting as a clay breaker on heavier soils.

Powerfeed for Flowers, Fruit and Citrus also enhances fruit production and quality, so is perfect for espaliered stone fruit trees, Citrus trees and the established mulberry in the garden. Plus it’s safe for natives too. The added chelated iron helps to minimise leaf yellowing and promotes healthy green growth, flowering and fruiting.

Don’t forget that the original Powerfeed is perfect for your whole garden and one bottle of liquid concentrate will treat up to 240 square metres and you can even mix in Seasol for an extra health tonic.

The Powerfeed 2 litre ready-to-use hose-on is perfect for lawns or bigger gardens. Covering up to 100 square metres, this pre mixed formulation makes it quick and easy. So for the improved growth and health of all your plants remember to feed them with the tailor-made Powerfeed liquid fertilizer and soil conditioner range.

You can find Powerfeed in Bunnings, leading nurseries and hardware stores and to find out more go to

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