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Colin is visiting a beautiful new garden in Carmel, Western Australia that has to cope with hot summer conditions and tough gravelly soils.  The owner rose expert Bob Melville needs to keep it looking great all year round and Colin is going to find out some of the secrets to his success.

Bob has been using Seasol in all his gardens for many years and continues to get amazing results.  Now he is able to apply his favourite seaweed solution and a combined fertiliser all at the same time.

The new Seasol plus Nutrients All Purpose is a natural plant and soil treatment boosted with a fast-acting fertilizer that makes it simple to take care of all the plants in your garden at home.  It’s a rich source of seaweed, nutrients, trace elements and natural composts to stimulate soil health and encourage strong growth in all plants including natives and vegetables.

Seasol plus Nutrients All Purpose is enhanced with seaweed to help stimulate a strong root system and healthy plant growth. It can also assist plants to cope with heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases.  Delivering a special blend of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and trace elements including magnesium and iron, it helps to promote vigorous growth and an abundance of large, prolific flowers and tasty produce.

Boosted with a rich source of natural compost and organic matter that enriches the soil, it helps to improve the soil structure and worm and microbial activity. It also helps to improve soil moisture retention and the uptake of nutrients.

Seasol plus Nutrients All Purpose including Natives can be applied at any time during the growing season on all your plants either in the garden or pots.  Just apply it every 6 to 8 weeks or as required and mix it into the topsoil and then always water it in thoroughly after application.

If you have any fruit trees at home, then the Seasol plus Nutrients Fruit and Citrus is perfect for producing top quality fruit.  Or if you want to grow roses and colourful flowers like Bob Melville the professional rose expert here, then the Seasol plus Nutrients, Roses and Flowers with boosted potassium of 17.3% will definitely do the trick. Just a couple of handfuls per plant every 6 weeks will provide a bounty of beautiful blooms and flowers throughout the year.

To look after your plants above and below the ground use the new Seasol Plus Nutrients range of fertilisers, and you too can have the best garden on the street.  You can find Seasol Plus Nutrients All Purpose, Fruit and Citrus, and Roses and Flowers at Bunnings Stores throughout Australia and to find out more go to

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