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Indoor plants continue to be a growing trend for plant and interior design enthusiasts. They can bring life to any room and many have benefits for our health and mental well-being.

With many people now living in smaller homes, apartments or renting these days, they are less likely to have a garden or be prepared to spend money and time on one that they do not own. So, the addition of Indoor plants can add a personal touch to your home that you can easily take with you when you move.

Colin is visiting Nicole who is a member of the ‘Perth Houseplant Club’ which has over 25,000 members. Nicole became interested in indoor plants when she had some downtime from her job, and I was gifted some indoor plants. By nurturing and looking after them her mental health and well-being improved, so she began buying lots more, and now is hooked on them.

Colin was inspired by her indoor plant collection and decided to share some tips on how to care for them plus how they can benefit our health and homes.

Some common indoor plants can be used to reduce the levels of indoor air pollution in homes by absorbing potentially harmful gases or volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde that are emitted by cleaning products, home furnishings, fittings and building structures. In studies some of the best plants to help reduce these toxins were the Golden cane palm, Lady palm, Dracaena, Philodendron, Rubber plant, Spider plant and Peace lily.
You should always choose indoor plants that will grow in low light for the best results, and many of these come from moist rainforest areas where they grow in lower light conditions. Colin’s suggestions include Devil’s ivy, Chinese evergreen, Calathea sp, Maranta sp, Parlour palm, Cast Iron plant, Corn plant and the Swiss cheese plant.

Remember to turn your plants 90 degrees once a week, so that they do not grow or lean towards the light, and then their foliage will grow evenly all around. Dry air from air conditioners and heaters can cause brown tips and shrivelled leaves on your indoor plants. To counter this problem, mist the leaves with water or use a humidifier. Alternatively, you can place them on a gravel tray with water underneath or double pot them in a waterproof pot with some moist coco peat.

Feeding your indoor plants is important to keep them growing strongly and healthy, and now you can feed them without all the mess, staining or smell. Osmocote Pour+Feed is specifically formulated to provide a balanced blend of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus for all your indoor plants, and your plants will look happier and greener than ever in just 7 days time. Simply pour a capful to the base of the plant every fortnight and you’re done! There’s no mixing, no mess or no fuss. Simply Pour + Feed.

So why not spoil your plants with Osmocote Pour+Feed for Indoor Plants, they deserve it and you do too! It’s the easy way to join the indoor plant growing trend without the mess. Scotts Osmocote Pour+Feed for Indoor Plants fertilizer is available at Bunnings stores throughout Australia and you can find out more at

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