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Have you ever wondered why the plants in your local nursery, garden centre or hardware store look so good? Well, today Colin is with one of their suppliers Richard Dekkers from Floraplant in Western Australia to find out the secrets to keeping their plants looking so good and to give you some tips for styling them in your own home for Christmas.

Colin asked Richard for some of his insider tips to grow healthy and lush green indoor plants. Richard suggested that regular feeding with a quality-controlled release fertiliser and the creation of an environment that imitates were they grow naturally with higher humidity and partial sunlight is the key to success. Plus, as many epiphytes and orchids grow in trees they naturally feed through their leaves.

So, using a fertilizer that feeds through the leaves makes complete sense, and the new Scotts Osmocote Mist + Feed for Indoor Plants that Colin is using does just that. This ready to use mist contains a balanced range of nutrients and trace elements that are quickly absorbed through the plant leaves, promoting lush green and glossy foliage.

Use the spray weekly to help protect your plants from the harsh, dry environments commonly found in our homes caused by heating and air conditioning units. Plus, there is even a Mist + Feed for Orchids too. This odorless and non-staining formula means you don’t need to worry about any over-spray but avoid spraying onto the delicate flowers.

For larger or established plants like this rare and expensive Monstera ‘Thai Constellation’ these new Scotts Osmocote Indoor Plants Controlled Release Fertiliser Tablets are the perfect way to feed them without any stress or mess. Simply push a tablet 3cm into potting mix, use one for a small pot or up to 4 tablets for a larger plant. Then just water as usual to release the carefully balanced nutrients just as your plants need them. Refresh the fertilizer with a new tablet every 6 months for continued healthy green foliage.

A traditional Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without a Poinsettia or two on the table or for a more contemporary look you could choose a delightful orchid or even a gorgeous glass terrarium.

Colin likes to keep his indoor plants looking good and growing strongly with Scotts Osmocote Pour + Feed, a specifically formulated blend of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. They will look even greener and healthier in as little as 7 days’ time. It’s as easy as pouring a capful onto moist potting mix around the base of the plant every fortnight and you’re done! There’s no need for any mixing, it creates no mess or any fuss. Just Pour + Feed.

So why not take a tip from Santa and treat yourself or your friends to the Scotts Osmocote range for Indoor Plants for an easier way to nurture and feed your prized indoor plants. The Scotts Osmocote Indoor Plant range of ready to use fertilisers are available at Bunnings stores throughout Australia and you can find out more at

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