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It wasn’t so long ago that if you ate organic or grew your own produce you were thought of as a bit alternative or a ‘greenie’.  That’s not the case anymore!
The ‘Grow your own’ and ‘Organic’ sector is the fastest growing area of gardening, plus this is a great activity for the whole family.

Consumers now have a huge interest in where our food comes from and how it is grown, and once you grow your own produce organically you will taste the difference.  Remember to always check that any products that you use on your garden are 100% certified organic like the premium Scott’s Pure Organic range of fertilisers and potting mix and not cheaper alternatives.

Why not try growing your own vegies, herbs or fruit trees in the ground or if you are short of space in pots or containers.  Choose a pot at least 40-50cms wide and always use a premium potting mix with the red ticks like this Scotts Pure Organic Premium Potting and Planting mix.  Tomatoes and basil or quick growing lettuce make perfect companions.  Top up the pot with potting mix, then gently tap the tomato plants out of their pots and plant them deeper than normal as they will root from the stem.  Continue to plant some basil around the outside of the pot then tap the pot to settle the potting mix.  Don’t forget to water it in well.  This unique organic mix will continue to feed your plants for up to three months.

If you are growing vegies in the garden, you need to improve the soil to encourage healthy growth, flowering and fruiting along with beneficial microorganisms and earthworms.  For great results every time mix in Pure Organic Potting and Planting mix just prior to planting. This mix contains an exclusive blend of natural and organic composted material.

My tip for growing vegies in garden beds is to add a sprinkle of Pure Organic Vegetable and Herb Plant Food to the bottom of the planting hole.  The low odour formula contains all natural elements including chicken manure, blood and bone, seaweed, feather/blood/fishmeal, bio-stimulants plus natural minerals and trace elements.

The secret to reducing transplant shock is seaweed and Scott’s Pure Organic Seaweed Plant Food is just the tonic. Apply just after planting to improve overall plant health and to increase resistance to drought, pests and diseases.  Apply 30ml per watering can to encourage strong healthy growth, stimulate microorganisms and improve flowering and fruiting.  For larger areas the 1litre Hose-on is ideal.  Covering over 180 square metres, with a new precision on-off control sprayer that makes watering so much easier and fun.

Scott’s Pure Organic Premium Seaweed Plant Food is suitable for all garden plants including Australian natives and other phosphorus sensitive plant species and will not leach into our precious waterways.  The premium range of Scott’s Pure Organic fertilisers and potting and planting mixes are available at Bunnings stores across WA and you can find out more at

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