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Have you have ever tried using one of those hose-on Weed and Feeds before? If you have you may have found that you end-up even wetter than the lawn.

Loose hose connections and fittings can make spraying for weeds in your lawn a messy and unsafe chore with most of the spray going over you and the rest of the garden.

But now you can throw away the wet weather gear, as there is a new safe and easy way to control the weeds and feed your lawn at the same time… Scotts Lawn Builder Buffalo Weed, Feed and Green Up!

The cooler winter months and moist spring weather has enabled the fast growing weeds to quickly take over the lawn by smothering and crowding out the grass which can resulting in a poor patchy looking lawn like this one. To keep your lawn healthy and weed-free you need to control the weeds with a selective weedkiller and feed your lawn to keep it growing actively to prevent weeds from taking hold.

This new Buffalo Weed, Feed and Green Up is a complete health treatment for your lawn. Combining a selective weedkiller for Bindii, clover and other broadleaf weeds with an NPK and iron liquid fertiliser to quickly green up your lawn. Always wait at least seven days after mowing before spraying for weeds and a further seven days before mowing your lawn again to allow the weeds to effectively take in the herbicide. Avoid watering for 12 hours after application so the herbicide will not be washed off.

Lawn Builder Buffalo Weed, Feed and Green Up contains the selective herbicides Bromoxynil and MCPA so it can be safely used on all lawns types including Buffalo.

Plus it is 45% stronger than comparable hose-on weedkillers.

Unlike traditional bulky and heavy bottles the lightweight and easy to grip 2.8 litre Easy sprayer is so simple to use. Suitable for small to medium sized lawn areas one bottle will cover up to 180 square metres. With a precision on off or water only switch, so that there are no drips or mess, the easy sprayer puts you in control. There is no need to kink the hose or control the sprayer at the tap end, which can be troublesome and prone to problems.

Lawn Builder Buffalo Weed, Feed and Green Up contains highly soluble and quickly absorbed Nitrogen and Iron to provide rapid greening of your lawn. This hose-on formulation includes 12% Nitrogen compared to 0% and 2% in comparable Weed and Feed products, so you are getting between six and twelve times more Nitrogen for your money.

Lawns require high levels of Nitrogen for active growth to produce new leaves and roots. This will encourage the lawn to grow strongly and crowd out the weeds covering bare patches as well as recovering quicker from excessive wear or damage. The extra 3.5% Potassium in Lawn Builder provides superior lawn health and disease resistance and is not included in other Weed and Feed brands. The unique chelated iron formulation supplies iron in a soluble form that is readily available to your lawn.

Remember Scotts Lawn Builder Buffalo Weed, Feed and Green Up covers more area per litre than any of the other comparable hose-on Weed and Feed products saving you both time and money with unrivalled greening of your lawn.

Scotts Lawn Builder Buffalo Weed, Feed and Green Up is available at Bunnings stores and you can find out more at

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