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Spring is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding times to be out in the garden with plants in full flower and bursting with fresh new growth like this one, that Colin is visiting today. And that should definitely help to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

But this flush of new spring growth requires the plant to use up some of its valuable reserves of nutrients from within the plant, plus those held in the soil or potting mix. An easy way to replace, nurture and enhance these important plant nutrients is to apply the handy tub of Osmocote Plus Organics, an All Purpose Plant Food + Soil Improver all in one.

This unique formulation of Osmocote controlled release plant food with added Organics including manure, blood and bone, seaweed and fish is good for all your plants, the soil and the environment. It contains Osmocote controlled release fertiliser prills that last for up to 6 months and release nutrients when plants need them the most. Each one containing a balanced dose of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, plus trace elements.

Osmocote Plus Organics can be used safely on all of the plants in your garden including trees, shrubs, perennials, vegies, herbs, fruit, potted plants and natives. Plus, there are specialised formulations to take extra care of your plants including Fruit and Citrus, Roses, Gardenias and Azaleas, and Vegetable, Tomato and Herb.

Just spread two to three level scoops evenly over the garden bed or dripline of trees and carefully mix into the top 10cm of soil or potting mix every six months.

Osmocote Plus Organics organically enriches the soil to encourage beneficial microbes and earthworms. Plus, the added gypsum opens up and improves heavy clay soils. There is no wastage or leaching of nutrients and the additional wetting agent enhances the absorption and penetration of water into the soil, helping your plants to prosper.
For any existing potted plants apply three quarters of a scoop of Osmocote Plus Organics per 30cm pot over the surface of the mix, or up to two scoops for larger pots.

Osmocote Plus Organics is also ideal when planting up new pots and containers like this one. I’m planting some colourful flowering and foliage plants to provide year-round interest including Heuchera, Lamium, Calibrachoa, ivy and Pelargonium.

First add some potting mix to partially fill the container to the depth of the pots of the plants to be potted. Then add a scoop or small handful of Plant Plus Organics to the potting mix and blend it in. Next check the height of the plants and backfill with potting mix, adding another scoop of Osmocote Plus Organics as you go.

Plus, as an added bonus the included seaweed is a natural soil and plant tonic and conditioner that improves plants resistance to stress, helping them to recover quicker from transplant shock.

So, if you love your garden and want to create a balanced and sustainable environment with stronger and healthier plants and soil, just apply Osmocote Plus Organics Plant Food + Soil Improver every six months. The Osmocote Plus Organics range is available at Bunnings stores and you can find out more at

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