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Whenever Colin’s out in the garden, he always likes to check on the plants and see how they are growing. With so many different plant types with varying needs and growing requirements, most people may find it hard to determine exactly what to feed them.

Some native plants like Banksias and Grevilleas are sensitive to phosphorous, while most cacti don’t like too much Nitrogen, and Orchids need higher Potassium levels to promote flowering, so it can become a little bit confusing for gardeners.

So, Colin is going to make it much easier for you by showing you the range of Osmocote Boost + Feed options for all of the plants in your garden. These can provide all the essential nutrients for optimum growth and plant health.

Osmocote Boost + Feed works through the roots and leaves, so your plants absorb nutrients within minutes. It is easy to apply with either the quick hose-on Easy sprayer or liquid concentrate. This quick acting liquid can be applied every two weeks and is perfect for all plants including natives when they are looking tired or stressed, or if they just need an added boost for fast growth. Just add one capful to a watering can for foliar feeding or for applying to garden beds and pots. Alternatively use two capfuls for larger trees and shrubs, stressed plants or for improving the soil.

Osmocote Boost + Feed contains carefully balanced trace elements and bio stimulants for larger, healthier plants that help to resist diseases and insect attacks.
This unique blend of bio stimulants feed the soil resulting in increased earthworm and microbe activity to build healthy soils and improve the uptake of nutrients.

The specialised Osmocote Boost + Feed Roses, Gardenias, Azaleas and Camellias is enhanced with boosted magnesium to promote dark green leaves and beautiful blooms. The concentrate is ideal for fertilising your favourite potted Camellias, Azaleas, Gardenias and Roses or those garden areas that your hose won’t reach. Just one capful in a watering can will really give these acid loving plants a real boost.
If you have orchids like these Cymbidiums either in pots, on trees or in the ground then the Osmocote Boost + Feed Orchids with added potassium and iron will give them more beautiful blooms and greener foliage.

Osmocote Boost + Feed Cacti and Succulents is perfect for keeping your collection of cacti and succulents in top condition, through a carefully balanced formula of low nitrogen and high potassium to help promote steady growth and flowering. 

So, if you want to take the guesswork out of feeding your plants and give your soil a boost at the same time simply apply Osmocote Boost + Feed the double action liquid fertiliser. The Osmocote Boost + Feed range of liquid fertilisers are available at Bunnings stores and you can find out more at

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