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With more Australians moving into smaller living spaces, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your very own herb and veggie garden at home. You can easily start a new garden with just some pots and containers or even redesign your small space at home into a working productive garden with raised beds like this one Colin designed.

Try reusing some old pots or containers or you can buy some new ones to fit your individual space. The key to success and stronger, healthier plants is to use an Australian Standard Premium Potting Mix with the red ticks.

Colin is planting some tomatoes, capsicum and lettuce in this large container, and he has already planted up some herbs in these pots with Scotts Performance Naturals Premium Potting Mix, and you can see the results. The new Scotts Performance Naturals Premium Potting Mix provides the ideal soil structure designed specifically for container gardening, creating the right balance of water retention and drainage perfect to grow your own vegetables and herbs.

Developed by the experts at Scotts the potting mix contains blood & bone, chicken manure, feather meal, seaweed, bio-stimulants and NatureN which is a unique, fast-acting natural source of nitrogen to promote rapid growth to feed your plants for up to three months. Start by filling up the pot with potting mix, then gently tap the tomato plants out of their pots and plant them deeper than normal as they will root from the stem. Next plant some quick growing basil or lettuce around the outside, tap the pot to settle the potting mix and finally water in to finish it off.

To grow impressive vegies in your garden, you need to improve the soil to encourage healthy growth, flowering and fruiting, plus to feed the beneficial microorganisms and earthworms. In existing beds, Colin mixes in Performance Naturals Soil Improver just prior to planting for outstanding results. The mix contains an exclusive blend of natural and organic composted material. Or you can use it as a mulch around your plants.

My tip for growing top quality vegies in garden beds is to just add a sprinkle of Scotts Performance Naturals Tomato, Vegetable and Herb Fertiliser with boosted Calcium around your plants and lightly mix it in. The low odour formula contains the same natural elements including the fast acting NatureN, blood & bone, chicken manure, feather meal, seaweed and bio-stimulants. For abundant vegetables and herbs apply it every 3 months from early spring through to late summer.

For your juicy Citrus and fruit apply Scotts Performance Naturals Citrus and Fruit Fertiliser with boosted Magnesium to encourage strong healthy growth, stimulate microorganisms and improve flowering and fruiting. For all your other garden fertilizing needs, Scotts Performance Naturals All Purpose will take care of them including natives. And remember to always water it in after application.

For incredible results at home in your garden, with top quality fruit, vegetables and herbs, plus a heathy soil let Scotts Performance Naturals, take care of your garden naturally. Scotts Performance Naturals are available at Bunnings stores throughout Australia and you can find out more at

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