All Seasons Synthetic Turf ‘A’

This is something special! The new Custom Built, Brand New, All Seasons Synthetic Turf facility in Perth is off and running! As a leader in this field, Australia wide, All Seasons now offer and carry a larger range of stock and options. The displays here are fantastic – customers now have a dedicated location to actually view, touch and select from their vast range of turf’s instead of buying from a sample. You see All Seasons Synthetic Turf are a family-owned specialized team boasting Aussie made, synthetic turfs.
Australian yarn with industry leading warranties.

Holly spoke to Steve Fellows the owner;
“Steve – a new premises…New displays…tell us more!”

“Holly, we grew so fast we had to expand so our customers can come here see, find out and understand the benefits of Synthetic turf…Gone are the cheap imports from China…we deal only in the best Australian made Turfs…something for any situation.
We have all the latest development, technology, but it’s best to come and see it for yourself here at our showrooms.”

With being ‘water wise’ critical Australia wide, and with vast improvements in Synthetics Turfs…
Shouldn’t you consider it for your home?
It’s neater, robust and perfect for almost any situation.
To find out more google ASST dot net dot au or come see for yourself at 26 Bakewell Drive, Port Kennedy

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