Scott’s Australia – Everydrop Premium Soil Wetter

Now that summer is well and truly upon us, your garden may be not be looking its best as it struggles to survive in the hot summer sun. But there is a way to get it back into good condition and healthy again and to keep it that way all summer long.

Throughout Australia water is one of our most precious resources and we need to make every drop of water in our gardens count. Dry patches on lawns, potted plants that dry out quickly and water running off the surface are all signs the water in your garden isn’t absorbing down into the root zone of your plants, so you need to apply a soil wetting agent.

The Scott’s Every Drop range of premium soil wetters, are available in both granular and liquid forms that are perfect for saving water all around your garden, including lawns, garden beds, pots and they are even safe for your vegies.

Everydrop soil wetters increase the absorption of water by 50% and will last for up to six months. It goes to work immediately to reduce run-off and to get water deep into dry water repellent soils. The precision 1 litre hose-on easy sprayer with on-off control is ideal for larger areas or for watering individual pots and containers. One bottle will cover up to 150 square metres in just seventeen minutes.

Wetting agents should always be washed off the foliage of plants and lawns to avoid the possibility of burning during warmer weather. So they are best applied in the early morning or evening avoiding the hottest part of the day.

When Colin normally uses a conventional hose-on wetting agent, one of his pet hates is that he always needs to unplug the hose-on and then wash it in with the hosepipe wasting both time and effort. But not with the Every Drop Easy Sprayer, all Colin needs to do is flick the switch from on to water and wash it in, how easy is that.

The Every Drop liquid concentrate is ideal for pots, containers and hanging baskets or hard to reach areas where a hose cannot reach.
The Every Drop natural biodegradable coir based granules are easy to apply underneath the foliage of plants in the garden or over the surface of the soil, potting mix or lawn. Every Drop makes your watering, rainfall and liquid feeding more effective by allowing the water and nutrients to penetrate deep into the root zone where your plants will benefit the most.

One 2.5l bucket covers around 50m2 and the 25L bag covers a huge 500m2 so that they are terrific value for money. Always wash them in thoroughly with water. The trick is to see it foam up, that way you know that you have fully activated the wetting agent.

So if you want to save water and have a beautiful garden this summer make sure that you apply Every Drop Premium Soil Wetter and make every drop of water count. The Every Drop premium range of soil wetters from Scott’s is available at Bunnings stores around Australia and you can find out more at

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