Jim’s Mowing – Reticulation Install

If you, or your elderly mum and dad or Grandma or Grandpa, love having a great garden but find it really hard to hand water a huge lawn and all your plants, then the solution might be simpler than you think!

Affordable reticulation is out there and you already know the perfect team for the job – yep, it’s Jims Mowing, and for this particular project good old Jim has brought in a couple of his mates to help out.

Homeowner Quinten has a huge block and a lot of lawn so hand or sprinkler watering takes hours. His gardening days are behind him so Jim’s Mowing, along with the reticulation experts at Total Eden and Casotti Plumbing are here to save the day.

Jim’s do just about everything around the garden – from lawns to gutters and even rubbish removal – and they’ve earned a reputation for absolute reliability. Ask them to do something and it’s done!

Total Eden know everything there is to know about reticulation and can offer advice on what you need as well as options for saving money on your water bill, while Casotti Plumbers are you’re 24/7 team who are licensed to plumb up your new retic system to your mains and keep things in top condition. They do everything from gas plumbing to water heaters, blocked drains, and anything else you can name in the plumbing game.

So if you’re time poor or just getting on in age, then get Jim’s Mowing to help you out. He might even bring some of his mates! Do yourself and your family a favour and give Jim’s Mowing a call right now or jump onto jimsmowing.com.au

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