Richgro – Bentonite Natural Sand to Soil

If you have trouble growing plants and watering your garden effectively and your soil is poor, dry and sandy, don’t despair there is a permanent solution.

Applying Richgro Bentonite Natural Sand To Soil to the coarse sandy soils of Australia’s Coastal Plain increases their wettability, nutrient and water holding capacity providing long term benefits for your plants, garden and the environment.

When planting in gardens, you can add a large handful of Richgro Bentonite Natural Sand To Soil into the bottom of each new planting hole and mix it in with some good quality soil conditioner or compost. Richgro Bentonite Natural Sand To Soil also contains Zeolite natural rock minerals to provide trace elements that are essential for plant growth.

Where there are established plants and trees in the garden spread 1-2kg of Richgro Bentonite per square metre over the soil surface and then add a 5cm layer of soil conditioner and work it in gently. To avoid root damage you can even dissolve it in a watering can and pour it over the soil.

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