Holman Industries – ‘Grip’n’Lock Technology’ & OzHose

Anyone with a home or garden knows that you cannot do without a quality hose whether its for watering the plants, washing the car, topping up ponds and pools, or cleaning the windows or paving. But for some of us it can be very frustrating.

Many of the traditional hose fittings never seem to connect properly to the hose or the tap causing leaks, blow-offs and numerous walks backwards and forwards to reconnect the hose. To overcome this problem some hose manufacturers have machine fitted permanent hose fittings to the hose. Regrettably though these fittings cannot be re-used if the hose is damaged or cut.

Holman has now solved this problem of hoses pulling out or leaking from fittings with the new ‘Grip’n’Lock Technology’ hose fittings. These new fittings ensure that the hose connection is strong and leak-free. Plus you also have the great flexibility to remove and re-use the fittings if required.

They are quick and easy to install, just unscrew the nut on the bottom of the “Grip’n’Lock Technology” hose connector and remove the blue olive. Put the tap nut on the hose and place the olive on the end of the hose. This new-engineered olive has super sharp teeth and this is what delivers the maximum compression on the fitting guaranteeing no blow offs.

Push the unique long tailed and sharp barbed connector onto the hose and then screw the nut firmly onto the hose. Finally push this onto the tap connector for the strongest hose connection, easy connection and reuse of the fittings and guaranteed no leaks. The new range of ‘Grip’n’Lock Technology’ hose end fittings are available in both plastic and brass. The new and easily adjustable Hi Flow Nozzle has twice the flow of ordinary hoses and makes watering more effective and fun.

For the perfect watering combination use a Holman OzHose with your ‘Grip’n’Lock Technology’ hose fittings. Both are manufactured and designed in Australia to suit Aussie gardens and cope with our distinct weather conditions.
The OzHose is available in 15metre and 30 metre lengths and comes in a standard 12mm hose diameter. This strong flexible hose is reinforced with braided yarn webbing providing good resistance to kinks. The UV protected hose features a 1000 kPa burst pressure rating and comes with a 6-year warranty. It comes complete with a tap adaptor, tap connectors and spray nozzle. Or if you prefer like us you can use the leak free ‘Grip’n’Lock Technology’ fittings.

So there is no excuse any more for leaky hoses or fittings, so don’t be a drip in your garden, use the ‘Grip’n’Lock Technology’ hose fittings and OzHose from Holman. The Holman ‘Grip’n’Lock Technology’ hose fittings and OzHose are available from Bunnings and leading garden centres. For more information go to holmanindustries.com.au, or for this and other gardening stories go to homeinwa.com.au

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