There is no Aussie garden that would be complete without a fruit tree, whether it is an orange, lemon, fig or peach.

There is nothing better than an orange or fig picked fresh from a tree or a juicy lemon squeezed over cooked fish for dinner.

So what is the secret to getting the best from your Citrus and fruit trees?

In late winter and early spring Citrus need a high potash fertiliser to promote flowering and fruiting along with a range of balanced nutrients including trace elements essential for healthy growth, like this great new addition to the successful Black Marvel range.

Richgro Black Marvel Premium Fruit and Citrus Food is a premium high analysis NPK fertiliser with an added wetting agent for improved watering that not only boosts plant growth quickly, but also delivers nutrients gradually for up to two months.

The added iron content helps to promote lush deep green leaves, while the high potash levels encourage lots of colourful flowers and tasty fruit and the Nitrogen produces strong healthy foliage and growth.

Always spread the fertiliser evenly around the drip line of the trees, keeping it away from the trunk and then water it in well. With an application in early spring, mid summer and autumn you will have a bountiful harvest of produce.

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