Jim’s Mowing Number 11

Spring is the time to get your lawn in shape after winter and to repair any damage. Compaction from cars and foot traffic along with the build up of spongy dead grass or thatch can prevent the absorption of water and fertiliser, and even reduce drainage. But there is a way to get a lush, green lawn without the cost of having to rip it all up and returf it.

Professional turf managers regularly remove thatch by vertimowing and aerate the lawn by coring and you should too, but it is hard and dirty work. So why not let Jim’s Mowing do it all for you!

First mow the lawn closely and then run the Vertimower over the lawn in two directions to remove the spongy thatch. Next rake all the thatch up, you will be amazed how much comes out, and finally mow it again to pick up the rest.

Coring your lawn removes plugs or cores of turf to allow both air and water to penetrate into the soil. Sweep or rake them up to improve drainage, reduce run-off and relieve compaction problems.

When it’s all done your lawn may look a little bare but with an application of fertiliser and a wetting agent your lawn will look better than ever in 4-6 weeks time.

So be quick and jump onto jimsmowing.com.au to book your lawn rejuvenation and save yourself some time, money and water without the hard work!

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