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If you’re sitting on the fence scratching your head over whether to move or renovate, I’d be listening up pretty closely right about now, because I am about to introduce you to the Director of Nexus Homes Improvements. I’m excited, because we’re not only going to take a tour of his private home, but he’s also going to share with you 3 hot renovating tips to help turn your house of nightmares into your house of dreams.

It’s hard to believe this Bicton beauty used to be a tiny 3×1 cottage in it’s former glory. Just look at it now…

Matt and his wife Jess weren’t expecting to love the area and the house so much. But expanding from 1 baby to 3 babies, they were fast outgrowing it. And with the house sitting on a tight 500 square metre block with no flexibility to build out, their only option was up.

“The house has practically doubled in size, so its more like what didn’t we do to it! It was a 3×1 cottage to begin with. We realised the potential – why would we need to move ever? Now it boasts a luxurious 5×3.”

“We started off with upstairs, adding a Modular extension, which was completed in 6 weeks.”

Speed and efficiency is what Nexus is all about. They specialise in modular extensions – fabricating them offsite, so there’s minimal interruption to daily life. This means you can dodge the bullet of having to move back with the parentals, or to cough up that extra cash for rent!

Upstairs boasts 3 spacious bedrooms, a luxurious bathroom, a lounge room and a balcony to take in those breathtaking views.

The old bathroom, which was in the centre of the home downstairs, was knocked out and turned into a passage way. The kitchen was remodelled, jarrah floorboards were brought back to life and a new ensuite and walk in re-fitted. Not to mention, the house was re-roofed, re-decked and re-painted to add light to their new family home.

It seems this project has attracted quite a lot attention, with all the neighbours privy to the new house! So now, it’s not only a family home, but a live display for Nexus clients. Come and check it out!

Matt gives us some inside goss on renovation success and upping the value of your home:

Tip #1: Think long term, we have renovated this place to last us 20 years and beyond, so much pleasure can be taken from building a home base like this and deciding not to move.

Tip #2: Don’t incur stamp duty or agents fees by not moving.

Tip #3: Think Lifestyle not the end dollar all of the time.

So many people demand that their family home make them money, if we took the same approach with cars, car dealers would be out of business. Instead think about all the opportunities you will have to make great memories in your home for years to come. Land value and overcapitalising will take care of itself if you renovate your home with a long term view of not moving. Any way why would you, you love the area right! That’s why you are considering renovating anyway.

If you want to get this expert crew on board to help you with your next renovation project or to build you a Luxury Home call the award-winning Nexus Homes Group on 9414 1789 and get that curb appeal you’ve always wanted!

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