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We all know we should be doing more to help the environment by doing more recycling and not adding to the tonnes of waste each year. Most of us now have a Recycling bin so we are doing our bit, but it’s also being adopted by some builders. Element Builders are one of those builders helping to make sustainable living the way of the future. Element Builders are a boutique builder, specializing in custom design builds that are made mostly from sustainable and alternative materials.

Holly is checking out a house, which is actually the family home of Michael Cicanese, the director of Element Builders.

The benchtops in the kitchen are made from paper rock, which is 60% recycled paper. The flooring throughout the home is exposed concrete flooring, which is a very green alternative. It’s very low maintenance as it eliminates the need for other materials. It will never need replacing, which equals no waste and it’s very easy to keep clean.

Michael Cicanese, Managing Director spoke to Holly about the different kinds of builds and renovations his clients are requesting and why he’s so passionate about sustainable builds.

The build of this home is very clever. An extra structure has been built in, to accommodate another storey. The Shou sugi ban charring is a great way to finish timber. It increases longevity and you won’t have to reseal it each year and all of the wood in the home is recycled. The thermal mass in the floor and insulation in the walls and roof are designed to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, which keeps energy bills low. The home is also designed to make the most of the northern sun, which is solar power at it’s best.

If you are feeling keen to get a bit more green, get in touch with Michael via their website elemenbuilders.com.au or there’s a complete contact page on our website homeinwa.com.au

“Just a footnote to that Element Builders story.

Last year the home took out the 2017 National Excellence in Building and Construction Award as the best National Project Home in the $500 thousand to one million dollar category.

Congratulations to Michael and all his team at Element Builders!”

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