Mr Fothergill’s – Seed Blanket

I love anything that makes life easier particularly when it comes to growing vegies and flowers. Now no matter what your age or experience I have the perfect solution to growing your own garden from seed and it only takes a few minutes to achieve.
First rake the site and soil level and remove any stones. Spread some compost or soil improver over the garden bed and gently mix into the top 10cms of the soil.

The kids from Southern River College may not enjoy making their beds at home but they are sure to enjoy making their own garden with these clever new Roll ’n’ Grow Garden mats from Mr Fothergill’s.

The two metres by 50cm mats are made of biodegradable paper that is pre-sown with a mix of seed varieties so all the hard work of planting seeds is already done for you. There are three types of gardens to choose from: Salad Vegetables, Superfoods and Cottage Garden Flowers, with each type containing five different varieties of seeds.

The seeds are evenly spaced in straight rows, minimising the need for thinning later. Each variety has it’s own row, and they are clearly labelled on the Roll ‘n’ Grow Garden mat. All you need to do is just roll it out. The mat can also be cut to any size, to suit smaller gardens or to plant in succession for a continuous crop.

Just lightly cover the seed mat with fine soil or compost and then water in well with a watering can or a hose with a fine spray. Within a couple of months you can be enjoying your own fresh garden harvest of vegetables or flowers. All you have to do is Roll ‘n’ Grow your own with Mr Fothergill’s!

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