Monster Mop

This is the Monster Mop. What makes it different? Well for one, it uses exothermic technology to clean a surface. What’s that you might be thinking? It’s this, an electric hot plate… the first and only mop of it’s kind worldwide.

Here’s how it works…

Pour 100ml of water – tap water’s ok – into the tank… plug it in… give it a couple of minutes then lower the handle which allows the water to start dripping on the pad and start mopping away! How easy’s that! There’s no more heavy bucket of dirty water to lug around as you go.

The microfibre pads in hot mode are reusable and the technology is perfectly safe for all hard sealed floor surfaces including sensitive timber.

Now I just spoke about hot mode… there’s cold mode too. What’s the difference? Well we get rid of the power cord, we add a dusting wipe and in seconds you’re sweeping! And nothing escapes these amazing little clothes!

The Monster Mop comes with 2 washable micro fibre pads, a Parking Pad, filling cup and 10 disposable paper dusting wipes.

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