Master Builders WA – Grant Extension

Exciting times in WA at the moment. The HomeBuilder & Building bonus grant by the McGowan Government to make it easier to get into your dream home has been extended. So, we thought it is important to talk to John Gelavis of the Master Builders to explain it all!

“Well the government has extended the construction time frame that’s going to allow the demand that has built up over the last few months, to give us more time to build the homes we need to build in the future. But the consumers need to act – I think it is important for them to get in contact with a builder – discuss your project, as you have only got a limited time – until the 31st of December to sign a contract. So now is the time to act to talk to a Master Builder builder, and we’ve got a bit of time to build those homes now which is Great. Don’t panic but you need to get onto it soon!”

And we all know that right now the interest rates are probably the lowest they’ll ever be. You can also reach out to Keystart, Bankwest and a host of other lenders to ensure you qualify before signing up to build.

Hans then spoke to Paula West, General Manager of INSPIRED HOMES and asked how this has impacted the WA market. Paula responded;

“Hans some people may have thought that their opportunity to get into the market but now the extension allows those that want to enter the building market, more people more time to get into the market.”

She also gave us her tips for people looking to build their new home;

“Do your homework, visit as many display homes and as you can find the features you like, then find the builder of the home you like most, within your budget, and meet with them to start the application process. You must be signed up to get your grant yourself, the builder does not do this. And get it done before the 31st of December.”

So, to Summarise – Master Builders members are ready to talk to you.
For more information give them a call or go to MBAWA.COM

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