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With Christmas just around the corner it is the ideal time to spruce up your home with a little bit of colour in the garden. By placing a potted plant or two just outside the front door, or maybe on the patio or veranda is sure to welcome both the festive season and your visitors alike.

When choosing pots it is best to match them to the existing architecture and colours of the house. And when framing entries or doorways always use pots in matching pairs. You can even try grouping the same coloured pot in different sizes or complementary colours for a harmonious effect.

Colin is using some heavier ceramic pots in a range of complementary colours. There are pots available to match almost any style of garden design or home. Plus, these ones won’t blow over or dry out as quickly as lightweight or terracotta pots.

In one of the pots Colin is planting some vibrant colour with Peruvian lilies, Euphorbia, Red hot pokers and trailing Ivy. And in another one he is going to plant some natives including Cushion bush, Scaevola, Acacia and Grevillea.

The new Scotts Osmocote Plus Organics Premium Potting Mix has been formulated by horticultural experts to nurture plant growth above and below the ground. The added organics improve the structure of the mix and encourage a strong root system for your plants.

This premium mix provides a balanced and sustainable growing environment to produce healthier and stronger plants, that are less susceptible to insect attacks and diseases. It’s full of organic goodies including composted manure, blood & bone, seaweed, bio-stimulants and gypsum to encourage microbial activity, improve the soil and feed your plants for up to five months with the added Scotts Osmocote controlled release fertiliser.

Now with the pots looking good, there is any easy way to keep them looking that way all year round. You just need to use the set and forget solution for all your gardening fertilising needs Osmocote Plus Organics All Purpose fertilizer.

Colin likes to apply it around the whole garden twice a year to promote flowering, fruiting and healthy growth. Plus, to improve the soil structure and feed the beneficial microorganisms and earthworms, all at the same time.

Osmocote Plus Organics is an all-purpose, plant food and soil improver, that is also suitable for Australian natives and other phosphorus-sensitive plants. The organic formula contains the same natural elements including composted manure, blood & bone, seaweed, bio-stimulants and gypsum plus a wetting agent to improve water retention. And remember to always water it in after application.

For top quality plants in your garden or pots at home, remember to use Osmocote Plus Organics, the sustainable way to feed your plants and improve your soil at the same time. Scotts Osmocote Plus Organics Potting Mix and All Purpose Fertilizer are available at Bunnings stores throughout Australia and you can find out more at lovethegarden.com.au

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