Dsatco No1 Triple C

Recently Colin improved the soil in this vegetable garden with some Piggy Post and now this week he is going to finish off the job. Colin is using a very special mulch made by the same West Australian family business that not only saves water but keeps your plants cooler in summer, warmer in winter and improves the soil as well.
So, let’s get to work.

Mulching around your plants is a must in our hot West Australian conditions. With warm temperatures, hot drying winds, poor anti-wetting soils and a lack of summer rainfall, growing veggies successfully can be difficult to achieve.

Colin is using Triple-C mulch, which is an organic blend of cereal crops including grain crops like lupin or corn, chicken manure and canola that are rich in nutrients and soil microbes essential for plant and soil health.

In new or established vegetable gardens, add a layer 40-50mm thick over the soil. Remember to keep it away from the stem of the plants to allow for good air circulation.

Triple-C is sourced from farming by-products and slowly breaks down into the soil. The added lupin adds further Nitrogen, and with the included canola and chicken manure improves the structure of the soil, boosting soil micro-organisms and worms.

As Triple-C has been pasteurized there will be no weeds, seeds or diseases to worry about, and this great looking mulch will encourage water to easily penetrate into the soil. So, it’s time to tuck in your veggies with a blanket of Triple-C mulch.

Triple-C is available from all good garden centres and retailers throughout WA, so you can help ‘Make Your Garden Grow’ successfully.

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