WINNING APPLIANCES – Steam & Sous Vide Cooking

The Winning Appliances kitchen is understandably amazing, and full of the latest in kitchen technology.

Let’s talk about Full steam. This is when you have 100 degrees in the oven. When you boil water you have steam created. Perfect for steaming rice, vegetables and keeping colour and nutrients trapped inside your food. You can Proof yeast dough, Defrost, Melt or liquify, Sanitise, Preserve food and much more

Combi-steam uses both functions. It uses a combination of your regular oven with steam. This is a chef’s best kept secret. This function hydrates the product simultaneously with no need to cover, stir. The steam will reach to the whole extent of the product, internally and externally. Plus you can choose to either control the amount of steam, or trust the technology in the appliance.

Some ovens have smart technology that has a sensor that reads the oxygen and moisture that comes from the food and adjusts the temperature and level of moisture to give you perfect results every time!

Sous vide is a cooking technique developed back in the 70s’. In french it means “under vacuum” and its target is to cook with precision, intensify infusion of flavour and help food stay fresh for longer.

Cooking at a low precise temperature gives your fish, meat and vegetables the opportunity to optimise the taste and texture.

If this information has whet your appetite then why not come into a Winning Appliances showroom for your very own hands-on demonstration of any of their appliances? There are four showrooms all over Perth.

Or you can get online at

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