Winning Appliances – FISHER & PAYKEL

If you’re designing your dream kitchen right now then you’ll probably know how difficult it is to find appliances with the style that’s going to suit your ideal home.

But Fisher & Paykel’s range of kitchen appliances have something to suit everyone.

Fisher & Paykel design appliances in a range of beautiful styles so that you have more choice when it comes to your kitchen design. You can choose from Minimal, Contemporary and Classic style cooking appliances and mix and match with their Integrated style refrigeration and dishwashing products.

The Minimal style is all about simplicity with a single aesthetic that allows appliances to blend seamlessly into the kitchen. The style is defined by a single colour palette, with subtle contrasts in texture and tone to create a purposefully refined appearance. Because cooking appliances cannot be truly hidden behind cabinetry, the Minimal style is designed to complement a suite of Integrated appliances.

With strong materials and elegant details, Contemporary style appliances have a sleek and refined look. Using contrasts of stainless steel and black, they feature clean lines, perfectly balanced proportions and beautiful materiality.

Classic style appliances offer the perfect blend of heritage aesthetic with modern performance. They are designed to have presence within a kitchen – to stand out and make a statement as a bold centrepiece. They are ideal if you are looking to bring a modern twist to more traditional style homes.

The ultimate in design choice, Integrated products take on the materiality of the kitchen, disappearing to allow kitchen design to truly shine. Integration allows you to fit your appliances with a custom front panel to match your cabinetry. Pair Fisher & Paykel’s Integrated Refrigeration and Dishwashing products with Minimal, Contemporary or Classic style Cooking appliances for complete design freedom.

It’s time to see these unique styles for yourself so get down to any of the four Winning Appliances showrooms in Perth or get online to find all the info –

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