Total Tint Solutions

Living in Western Australia is great because we’ve got amazing weather. But one of the biggest problems with living here is our amazing weather. That sun can be brutal. Enter Total Tint Solutions – the best tinting team in Perth. They do car windows and wraps, security films, anti graffiti coatings, solar window film for your home, and the list just goes on.

Total Tint Solutions really do it all. In fact they like to say “if the sun’s poking in where it’s not wanted then give us a call”. The team here has a combined 100 years of experience in tinting so they’ve just about seen it all and they know the best products for you.

They do everything from solar protection for your home to insulation window tinting, security films, anti-graffiti films, frosted windows, car tinting and vinyl wraps, boats, you name it.

Total Tint Solutions are even a 3M select partner, which is quite an important title. 3M have the best products in the business and have trusted Total Tint Solutions with their brand in a huge vote of confidence.

3M Thinsulate climate control window film cuts out three types of radiation hitting your house – light, infrared (heat), and UV radiation, which is what causes sunburn and fades your furniture.

Or maybe you need frosting for privacy, or even security film to keep the crooks away. Whatever treatment your windows need Total Tint Solutions have got you covered.

And let’s not forget our cars and boats! Total Tint have a great selection of window tints on offer but they can also protect your paint job. Their Crystal Serum actually bonds with your car’s paintwork so it won’t wear off and keeps it looking glossy and new for years to come. They do boats too!

And speaking of cars Total Tint Solutions have you sorted when it comes to vinyl wraps as well. Change the colour, or put any design you can think of onto your car, van, truck, or entire work fleet. It’s far cheaper than a re-spray and allows you to do much more with graphics.

As you can see Total Tint Solutions know just about all there is to know about tinting and surface protection. If you need to update the safety and comfort of your home, or the look of your car or boat, then get in touch with them today.

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