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Are you thinking about double-glazing? Then stop right now! Before you go spending all that money on your new build or an update to your current home you should definitely know about Total Tint Solutions’ 3M Thinsulate Climate Control tinting. It’s a mouthful but it’s pretty incredible…

3M Thinsulate window tinting is an amazing product that can dramatically cut the heat coming into your home and works as an invisible insulator that’s as good as double glazing, but far cheaper.

Total Tint Solutions offer 3M Thinsulate as a product because they’re trusted as a 3M select partner, which is no mean feat. The team are super experienced with all tinting products and Thinsulate is a standout.

It’s not just a solar film, and while it does cut out the glare and prying eyes it also acts as an efficient insulator that rejects a high amount of long wave infrared radiation from your windows. And that means much cooler Perth summers. Total Tint Solutions even offers different levels of tint darkness so if you don’t want it too dark you can easily have it lighter. But the good news is even the lighter shades still block 99% of the UV rays. The “Prestige” and “Ceramic” ranges in Thinsulate are incredible heat insulators and actually reflect heat back into a warm room. So not only do they help in summer when the sun’s out but also in winter when you want to keep all the heat inside.
It’s time to cut down on your electricity bills and keep the heat where you want it at your place. Total Tint Solutions can help you out with great advice and a huge range of the very best products.

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