Total Tint ‘C’

Home security is a really important thing but unfortunately, despite our best efforts, there are some weak points that all homes have. Even if you have solid locks, alarm systems, or even cameras the weakest points at your place are going to be your windows.

Thankfully there’s a brilliant product available from Total Tint Solutions that will have the crims scratching their heads in confusion. It’s Total Tint Solutions’ 3M security window film and it’ll mean that anyone trying to break into your home will have to think twice.

If you’ve ever seen a window break but when it smashes all of the pieces go everywhere. This 3M security window film is incredibly strong and when it’s hit the glass still breaks but all of the pieces are held together by the film. This means no quick entry for the criminals and they’re much more likely to give up.

Total Tint Solutions can install their security film on any windows or doors you have and it even helps protect from accidental damage like your kids’ bikes running into them, or one of their wayward toys. No more flying glass and no more injuries.

3M security film isn’t just for homes either. Shop fronts receive a lot of vandalism and this treatment means that if something does break the glass your store isn’t open to the elements and needing an emergency window repair in the middle of the night.

Total Tint Solutions even offers their security film in clear or tinted so you can get the look you want. Protect your home or business and get in touch with the team of experts at

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