Topline Clothes Lines #1

Indoor remote operating clothes drying system.

Drying your clothes can be a big hassle. You want to save energy and dollars when hanging them out to dry. Having the space for a laundry these days can also be a big problem, so if you live in an apartment or a town house, Holly has found a solution that will be perfect for you.

TopLine Clothes Lines really are a modern
addition to your home. Not only do they save space, they save energy too.

The great thing about them, is that they utilise space that you otherwise wouldn’t be. They are attached to the ceiling, which frees up the floor.

A fan and a heater can be used to assist in drying, which only costs around 10c per hour to run, or you can simply air dry, using no energy or costs at all. Holly spoke with Debbie about how much energy and time they save and how they are suited to everybody who wants to save both of those things.

If you would like to find out how you can save time, space, energy and money, contact the experts in intelligent indoor clothes drying lines and airers, head to

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