Throne Toilets #2

Bidet’s are becoming more and more popular in Australia as builders and renovators choose to incorporate them as the new standard in home bathrooms. And with a huge range of features – there’s a bidet to suit every home or office need, and as well as being the most hygienic option – they’re also very economical and environmentally friendly.

Toilet paper is a single use product that has stripped bare old-growth forests and without these forests – many species of animals have become extinct. Did you know that around 18million tonne of CO2 is generated every year just from logging for woodchips that are then turned into pulp to make toilet paper?

Not to mention the chemicals used to bleach and soften the fibres contain serious cancer causing dioxins that your family are exposed to every day.

Using a bidet means that not only are you getting a more hygienic clean, but that you’re helping the environment and saving money in the process.

Designed specifically for Australia, the Eco Bidet retro fit range is one of the most eco-friendly bidets available and will drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

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