Up until about 20 years ago the most effective way to sell your home was to simply place an ad in the local paper. While there is still merit in the humble newspaper ad, the evolution of the internet and more recently social media, has meant that the way we market homes in 2021 is radically different!

Social media has created fast moving, highly connected communities built on speed and transparency. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are increasingly influential in our day to day lives with many of our choices on where to shop and what to buy based on opinions found on social media.

So how does this effect real estate? Well, whether it’s someone on Facebook looking out for a family member or a local resident keen to share a home on the market in their street with their best friend, the benefits of this type of third party ‘social selling’ are getting our team some amazing results.

Highly awarded agent, Craig Waters from The Agency has been having great success in the Sorrento coastal area when marketing homes through social media. Combined with his exclusive database he has managed to secure a premium price for his clients on many different occasions and continues to use this strategy as a clear advantage for his sellers.

Selling a home socially relies on the power of social media to create an audience of potential buyers otherwise not found on the normal property portals. A bigger audience will generally lead to more buyers which traditionally creates a higher sale price.

Now while selling socially or off market may not be right for every home, we here at THE AGENCY have proven time and time again that this method can achieve fantastic results for some of our clients. So, before you make the decision to list your home, make sure you speak to one of our highly experienced agents in your area and see if selling ‘socially’ may be an option.

For more information on this or to speak to one of THE AGENCY team head over to

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