This time of year is the perfect season to be planting in your garden at home. So, Colin is going to show you an all-in-one product that enhances growth in trees, shrubs, general plants, and lawns, plus it’s ideal for the dry and sandy soils of WA.

A one-time application of Terracottem will spoil your soil with more than 20 different components including water-absorbing polymers, growth precursors, quick and controlled release fertilisers, and specialized carrier substances to aid in the distribution through the soil or potting mix.

Colin is with Perth landscaper Ben Sims who is planting two new plants Nandina ‘Obsession’ and Hydrangea ‘Magical Rubyred’ in a partially shaded spot in the garden. Ben is using Terracottem to improve and condition the soil at planting time.

This results in healthier plants needing less maintenance with stronger and deeper roots, increased survival rates, and resistance to drought and diseases. Plus, there is less leaching of nutrients with water savings of up to 50%.

This simple and safe solution is ideal for use in your all garden projects including veggie and flower beds and is used extensively throughout the commercial sector for tree and shrub planting, as well as revegetation and the growing of large-scale horticultural and agriculture crops.

Colin asked Ben why he used Terracottem on his planting projects. Ben explained that he had been using Terracottem for over 9 years as he can rely on it to provide the ideal foundation for growing his plants in one handy formulation. Terracottem has also been used in poor soils and challenging climates all around the world with great results.

Terracottem is a one-time investment that lasts up to 8 years, cutting costs and saving water and nutrients in the long run. So, to give your plants and garden the best start in life, why not give it a try, it’s so easy to apply. Terracottem is available at Stratagreen throughout Australia and you can find out more at

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