Softub is portable and “Do It Yourself”, but it’s “not” inflatable. It’s made from poly bond foam, that can never leak or go flat. Because of the material it’s made from, your Softub is easily installed by one person. This also means that when you move home you can take your Softub with you!

It’s very suitable for gardens with tricky access, and you can even install a Softub on a roof terrace or balcony. (Subject to load baring assessment). To cap it off, Softub needs no special electrical installation. Just plug into a normal outdoor 10 Amp outlet!

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to set up your own Softub all by yourself in no more than 45 minutes!

You can order your Softub directly online at or call 0415 896 537.

What a perfect way to add a luxury feature to your outdoor area or balcony that’s cost effective, easy to install and cheap to run!

And you can be using your Softub all year round. Cool off in in summer or for a hot tub on a winter’s night!

Your Softub runs very quietly, which means no disturbance to neighbors, and the water can be heated up to 40°C

Surround furniture is available to finish off your entertainment area.

Softubs tough exterior can withstand Aussie summers and winters and requires minimal maintenance. Softub is available in 4 colours and comes in 3 sizes…. for 2, 4 and 6 people.

Your Softub even comes fitted with an LED light, to set the mood!

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