Smart Steel Frames

If you’ve ever though about building your own home then you’ll know about the millions of decisions you need to make before it all gets done – benchtops, taps, light switches…

But there’s one decision you should make before any other and that’s choosing the frame that your home will be built around.

With Smartsteel though the choice is easy – fire resistant, cyclone resistant, termite proof and Australian.

Steel is the most recycled product on Earth and is one of the most resilient building materials, which makes it perfect for building frames and Smartsteel uses quality Bluescope Truecore steel in all of their lightweight Smartsteel Frame systems.

Which of course makes it Australian! A Smartsteel frame is quite a bit quicker and easier than alternatives and is sort of like a giant meccano set which is pre-fabricated & delivered directly to site ready to erect.

The team at Smartsteel also use a sophisticated software system called “Enduroframe”, which allows them to estimate and model your design very accurately & efficiently. The whole process is very simple and hassle free. Steel framed homes are strong, they don’t shrink or twist, and it’s actually better for the environment.

Find out more about Smartsteel and their partnership with fantastic builders like Straight Edge Steel Frame Homes and many more “smart builders”. Get onto

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