After our coldest winter in nearly two decades it feels great to get back outside in the garden even though the mornings are still a little chilly. With the warmer spring weather, spring flowers and shrubs are now bursting into bloom and many plants will soon start to take off as the soil begins to warm up. So now is the time to get cracking in the garden.

Gardening in coastal areas like Fremantle can be tough, with salt winds and poor sandy alkaline soil to cope with. But by carefully selecting the right plants that will thrive in this environment you can be successful. Here in this garden at the historic Rifle Cottage the owners have planted Salvia, lavender and saltbush along with heritage roses, fruit trees and vegies. Original plants include a jacaranda, fig trees, natives and Hibiscus that were kept to provide a backdrop to the garden.

Even tough coastal plants need help in these conditions and Powerfeed with Troforte Microbe Technology delivers a unique balance of both slow and quick release of nutrients to all plants including natives over a three-month period to keep your plants in perfect condition.

The unique formulation provides the essential nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium plus iron, magnesium, calcium and trace elements to boost your plants growth and stimulate flowering and fruiting. Just sprinkle between 1 and 2 scoops of Powerfeed per square metre around the drip line of plants then gently mix into the top 5cm of the soil. Avoid getting it too close to the main trunk or stem.

What makes Powerfeed with Troforte Microbe Technology special is that it also feeds your soil as well as your plants. The granules are organically coated with up to 24 strains of Australian cultured beneficial microbes that work to improve soil structure and assist plants in the uptake of nutrients. Always water them in thoroughly as when the microbes come into contact with moisture they start searching for nutrients and minerals in the soil. The bacteria then slowly digest these nutrients so that they become available to feed your plants.
Powerfeed is perfect for all the plants in your garden including flowers, fruit, vegies and herbs. Always wait a couple of weeks after planting before application and use one scoop per square metre for smaller plants and up to two scoops for larger established trees and shrubs. Colin likes to feed his spring flowering bulbs like these daffodils, jonquils and Anemones with granular Powerfeed to encourage new healthy growth and to build up the bulbs reserves for increased flowering this time next year.

Remember for increased growth and life in your garden above and below the ground take care of your plants and soil with the new PowerFeed granular fertiliser with Troforte Microbe Technology. Powerfeed with Troforte is available exclusively at Bunnings hardware stores throughout WA and if you want find out more go to or if you would like to see this story again go to

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