Scotts Australia – Pure Organic Compost & Soil Improver

The basis to a healthy garden starts with a healthy soil. Research has shown that the addition of quality composts and soil conditioners to your garden soil will not only improve its overall health but also maximise crop yields and plant growth. So next time before you plant out any new vegies, herbs, fruit trees or any other plants in your garden make sure that you incorporate organic matter into your existing soil.

It is important to ensure that the products that you use on the edibles in your garden are 100% certified organic like Scott’s Pure Organic Premium Compost and Soil Improver and not cheaper poor quality alternatives. Formulated by horticultural experts it contains organic carbon and natural fertilisers to activate the soil and improve its physical properties, water holding capacity and the release of Nitrogen into the soil.

Its easy to do just spread a 1cm layer or one bag of premium Compost and Soil Improver over an area of 5m2 and thoroughly work it into the top 10-15cm of the soil and then level with a rake to prepare for the seeds or seedlings.

This latest addition to the Pure Organic range contains an exclusive blend of natural and organic composted materials to inject life into depleted soils by improving soil structure, reducing compaction and feeding the soil microbes to maximise nutrient availability and uptake.

The added gypsum helps break down clay soils to encourage earthworm and microbial activity and the soil improver helps to build up sandy soils improving their overall structure and water holding capacity. Colin is planting some tomatoes for the warmer months ahead along with some quick growing lettuce, kale, basil and herbs to fill in the gaps between.

Perfect for edible crops and gardens, Pure Organic is enriched with natural elements including chicken manure, blood and bone, seaweed, feather meal and fishmeal, bio-stimulants plus natural minerals. The carbon rich minerals provide all the necessary Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and trace elements to help your plants grow and thrive.

Immediately after planting always apply Scott’s Pure Organic Premium Seaweed Plant Food to reduce transplant shock, improve overall plant health and increase resistance to drought, pests and diseases. Wait around 2 months and then feed your vegies by adding a sprinkle of Pure Organic Vegetable and Herb Plant Food around your plants. The special slow release formulation will feed your plants for up to 3 months.

If you love your vegies and flowers and want your garden to be as pure and natural as possible, choose the Scott’s Pure Organic range to feed your plants and family the healthy way!

The Scott’s Pure Organic premium range of compost and soil Improvers, potting and planting mixes and fertilisers are available at Bunnings stores across WA and you can find out more at

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