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Most homeowners will have a potted plant or two outdoors, but many of them may be not looking their best. So Colin is going to share some professional tips to help your potted plants flourish.

In nurseries and hardware stores Colin commonly sees people purchasing expensive pots and plants, spending anywhere upwards of $100. Only to then spend $4 or $5 on the cheapest bag of potting mix to pot the plant in. Ultimately the sad looking plant struggles and then eventually succumbs and dies, usually due to poor drainage or lack of moisture retention in this cheap potting mix.

The way to avoid this and to ensure success every time is to use an Australian Standard premium potting mix with the white ticks on a red background just like the top growers do. Remember you get what you pay for and a bag of Scotts Professional Premium Potting Mix costs just under $8. It is nearly double the price of the cheap mixes, but contains quality ingredients to save water and to grow happy, healthy plants. In Australia there is one sold every 15 seconds so it makes good sense.

Colin is using Scotts Professional Premium Potting Mix it to pot up these lilly pillies. But first he is going to trim them into shape to encourage a dense bushy and compact habit. His design tip is to arrange your pots in pairs to frame doorways or outdoor features. Alternatively use them in groups of different sized pots to create layered or tiered planting effects.

Always water your plants well an hour or so before potting them up. Then add some mix to the bottom of the pot and check the soil level, so that the plant will finish around 2-5cm below the rim. Gently tease out the roots and then place it in the centre of the pot.

The Scotts premium all purpose mix can be used on all indoor and outdoor plants. It contains Osmocote controlled release fertiliser and growth stimulants to supply your plants with all the nutrients they need for up to 4 months. The mix also includes a wetting agent that allows water to soak into the mix, preventing it from drying out. Plus it also helps the nutrients to be absorbed quickly by the plant roots.

Give the pot a gentle tap to settle the mix, next water the plant thoroughly until water runs out of the bottom. Then top up the mix if required. Try to place them in a shaded spot for a few days, just to allow the plants to settle in.

For plants that are pot bound or have been in the same pot for two or more years, you can give them a new lease of life with this simple technique. Slide them out of the pot and then using an old pruning saw cut off around 5 to 10cm of the plants root ball at the bottom and between 2 and 10cm from all the sides. Just pop some new Scotts Premium Potting Mix in the base, and then place the plant back in the pot and backfill around the sides. A light trim or prune is usually beneficial to reduce water loss. Then just water in as before.

Remember your guarantee of perfect potted plants is to use Scotts Professional Premium Potting Mix next time your plants need potting up. Plus you can even use it to plant up hanging baskets. Scotts Professional Premium Potting Mixes are available at Bunnings stores and you can find out more at

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